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The music

The only show in Canada that allows you to get out of your car and enjoy live music the way it was meant to be...

We have the very best in Canadian tribute bands playing 60-90 minute sets including The AC/DC Canada Show, Merrit Driven and a few other surprise acts to be added as well as a DJ from RJMSounds who always keeps the music rocking

Social distancing in NO ISSUE having over 4 acres of outdoor space and a 9500 square foot pavilion for our VIP guests to enjoy

Dance, drink and have fun with your Chosen Few Circle of friends and family in your designated section under the stars !

*Just remember, VIP is a minimum of 8 people with a maximum of 10 as thats the bubble number

*Drive in camp sites are 1-6 people but you could have 2 sites side by side

*Lawns are 1-10 people

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